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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Death Of A Child Beauty Queen. Jon Benét Ramsey A Decade Later

More than a decade after her death, Jon Benét Ramsey must still be turning in her grave knowing who killed her, but unable to speak and bring her murderer to justice. Meanwhile a bunch of keystone cops continue to bungle everything they touch. Now to add further insult to this brutal murder we have an obsessed pedophile by the name of John Mark Karr admitting to killing her. The only problem is at this point his story isn't adding up. However he is a sick sex offender who needs to be locked away regardless of this outcome.

For a decade now Police have screwed up everything related to the death of Jon Benét Ramsey, and now the guy they have appears to be nothing more than an obsessed child molester who in his own sick way was, and still is in love the little girl even after her death. As it turns out the freak has been following the case for years continually emailing a reporter at Colorado State University phising and exchanging information.

One problem with his confession is the fact that she was not drugged at the time of the murder which he claims was the case. He was also said to have been at home with his now ex-wife in Alabama throughout the entire holiday season. Moreover he has been found to have extensively researched the death of another young girl Polly Klaas which shows his sick obsession for young dead girls.

Here is a few things known about this sick freak:

Mark Karr is a man who was a fugitive on child pornography charges and was on the run for a violation of probation charge at the time of his arrest. He has had a very long history of seducing (if that even makes sense) very young girls and was married twice to teenagers, one was just 13 years old and they both ended in annulment and divorce with restraining orders against him... He also continually states, "I love Jon Benét" as though he's speaking about a 30 or 35 year old woman. This is a 41 year old freak talking about a now dead 6 year old.

My question is this: With his dangerous pedophile history, why in the fuck was he merely on probation? And why was he given a ticket to move from school to school even though his skills were sub-par at best? He has even shown open affection toward young girls in his classes with little or no scrutiny. Fucking amazing! We can keep an eye on, and arrest Middle Easterners who buy excessive amounts of prepaid cell phones at WalMart, but we cant keep an eye on a damn child molesting predator freak! Hmm, this reeks of something all too familiar.

Look at this fucker, he's not just freaky, but he has openly sympathized with Michael Jackson and his so-called "plight" with law enforcement and child rape charges. More like self induced rather than a plight...

Regardless of his guilt or innocence in this matter, he needs to be locked away and put into general population within the prison system so that the prisoners can hand down their brand of justice. Get this fucker off the street!

Here's your freak suspect.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Respect vs. Freedom

Freedom is something (a privilege) that we are either born with or have granted to us when moving to a free country. Respect in my world is treated the same as freedom. Everyone no matter how young, old, male, female or their nationality gets the same amount of respect in the beginning. Much like freedom, small amounts of respect or even all of it can be lost depending on how you act and conduct yourself.

I am tired of all of these people who are still telling me that respect is either earned, or worse, that someone automatically deserves instant respect or more of it because they are older. To make the statement that it is "earned" sounds like you are implying that people should kiss your ass and put you on a pedestal to get respect because of your age or position in society. I’ve got some news for you, its not going to happen here. When dealing with me I don’t care if you are 60 yrs old and a deacon of the church, you will not get anymore respect from me than a 16 yr old gets. In fact I may be inclined to give you a little less just because there is a large number of you who feels as though being older and a part of the church is your license to look down upon and shit on those whom you feel is lesser than you. A teenager has an excuse, they are a teenager, however if you're much older then you should know better.

Remember that everyone has a heart and soul just like you so treat everyone with the same amount of respect in the beginning and you may be surprised who gives you the most respect and turns out to be the better friend. There are a lot of good people out there that never gets a chance, good people that you may need one day only to find they are no longer there.

roger ely

Sunday, June 04, 2006

The truth about lies.... by Laura

Although the title is very similar to my earlier post there is no connection between the two.

There is something genuinely insulting about obvious lies. Why do people continually lie when they think it is something of value to you? For instance, a girl, let's just call her girl X, blatantly lied to me about her education. I guess, she thought it would impress me if she rattled off the name of a prestigious school. The conversation, a series of errors, was something like:

girl X: " Yeah, I went to business school at Temple, you know, the Wharton business school...."
me: "Umm... you went to the Wharton business school?"

girl X:" Yeah.."

me:" No, you didn't because the Wharton business school belongs to the University of Pennsylvania, which is ivy league....and I don't think you went there...":::::::::::::::::::::::LONG PAUSE TO CONSIDER HER MISTAKE::::::::::::::::::::

girl X: "Well, maybe it was only the Wharton business school's building..."
me: "There's a huge difference..."

When you tell an enormous lie, expect people to notice. I think that liars underestimate people. Girl X probably thought I would not be familiar with the Wharton business school, the first and arguably, the best business school in the world! The psychology of a habitual liar differs from that of a "pressured" liar. I think the habitual liar truly believes that he is the most clever person in EVERY situation. It is an obnoxious overcompensation that shows itself to the listener as a weakness and lack of character.

BOTTOM LINE: I hate liars
Submitted by Laura
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